Join American Promise in Los Angeles September 27-29

Every year, American Promise brings together hundreds of people to participate in our democracy first-hand through our National Citizen Leadership Conference. We train, we host big-name speakers, and give you direct access to your representatives in Washington DC.

This year, we’re bringing all the energy and convening power of NCLC to the American Democracy Summit, which we are co-hosting with other partners in Los Angeles this September 27th – 29th.

We’re personally inviting you to join the American Promise delegation, so use code APDELEGATE for 20% off your ticket! 


We’re joining the American Democracy Summit this year because we are at a tipping point in America and in the democracy reform space; it’s time to mainstream our constitutional solution to restore sanity in American politics – which means showing up in person at ADS with an audience of thousands of committed activists.

We know our moment is coming. Americans like you are tired of the growing toxic influence money has in our elections and in our politics. It’s a big threat to our democracy as voters view it as a top four issue for Congress to tackle as well.

We’re also viewing this summit as a great way to show how important our issue is to everyone. We want to treat this summit like a real political convention, and we’re encouraging volunteers in all 50 states to try and bring the biggest delegation they can to show our strength and resolve.