September 27-29, 2022

National Citizen Leadership Conference

Join us in Washington D.C. to make a difference for our freedom.

National Citizen Leadership Conference 2022

As unfettered foreign money pours into our elections and uncontrolled spending fuels the hyperpartisanship that prevents practical action and solutions in Washington, we know we need to take action to protect and strengthen the sovereignty of our nation.

American Promise is an organization comprised of over 100,000 professionals, elected officials, business leaders, volunteers, and supporters – like you – working for passage of the For Our Freedom constitutional amendment and ensure that 38 states are ready to ratify that Amendment.

Right now you have a choice to take action and join us in Washington D.C. to make a difference for our freedom. This is our first chance to come together in person after two years apart to further the work toward a better America.

Citizens from all across America will gather at the National Citizen Leadership Conference to strengthen our nation against foreign interference, division, and dysfunction. This is not for Republicans or Democrats. It’s for all of us. With more than 75% of Americans supporting a constitutional amendment, and millions taking action, we can do this for all of us — with your support.

We are halfway through our 10-year timeline for the For Our Freedom amendment, and together we’re making amazing progress. Our mission is to get inspired and prepared for our next critical phase of work.

National Citizen Leadership

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