Social Media Posting Tips

Social prompts 

You can help us spread the word about NCLC and the For Our Freedom Amendment by posting on social media during the event. 

Here are three simple post suggestions to use or adapt: 

Post 1: I’m proud to be here in DC with Americans of all types with one thing in common: We’re passionate about ending money in politics #ForOurFreedom. Join me from home at! #NCLC2022 #ForOurFreedom

Post 2: Post a photo from the event with a caption: Excited to be here in Washington D.C. working for the For Our Freedom Amendment with Americans from across the nation and political spectrum. #NCLC2022 #ForOurFreedom 

Post 3: Answer this question and post on social media: I am at the National Citizen Leadership Conference in D.C. working to end money in politics because…[fill in an issue you care about]. What issues would you like to see our government address first? #NCLC2022 #ForOurFreedom

Make sure to use our @tags so we can share too! 

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